Stump Grinding & Removal

Getting rid of a stump is never an easy task. Expect an overwhelming amount of dirt and wood chips in your yard when you request your stump to be removed. Lake Tree Service offers two ways to remove stubborn stumps. The first one is stump removal, where we dig the stump out of the ground. This process requires more workforce and effort because of the level of difficulty in completing the task. Also, this process typically causes damage to the ground around it. Stump removal also leaves a hole that requires backfilling. It is challenging to remove a stump with its root system as the roots can stretch really wide in the ground. 

We begin by cutting the primary roots using specialized tools. If we see the need for it, we will use heavy equipment to help us with removing the stump. You can expect a mountain of dirt once we are done with the stump removal because of the number of wood chips it will produce. Rest assured that we will take care of the mess before we leave the site. 

Due to the potential disturbance to the ground complete removal may cause, most of our customers opt for stump grinding. At Lake Tree Service, we begin the process of stump grinding by reducing the trunk’s height until it is ideal for grinding. We utilize our world-class stump grinder to work on the stump until it’s no longer visible on the ground. We can go as deep as six inches below the ground to ensure the stump is nowhere in sight. Our stump grinder is placed where we can efficiently carry out the task without causing damage to your other plantings and entire landscape. 

Stumps come in various shapes and sizes. The difficulty level of removing a stump depends mainly on significant factors, including age, size, and species. Some stumps are easier to grind because they are smaller and older. Deciduous trees take more time and effort to remove because they have shallow and flat woods, unlike Cedar trees. Oaks and Maples, on the other hand, have roots that extend deep and long into the ground. Naturally, the larger the stump is, the more difficult it is to eliminate it. 

Stump Grinding

We begin our stump grinding process by drafting a plan based on the size, shape, and type of stump you have. We will then offer you a firm quote with all the vital information about the service. Our skilled personnel will then use a chainsaw to cut the stump as close to the ground for easier grinding. We will position our state-of-the-art grinder over the stump and begin the process. The grinder’s blades will work on the stump until it’s 3 to 6 inches below the earth. We will continue with the process until the stump is entirely out of sight. 

Unlike stump removal, stump grinding will not cause as much disturbance to the ground. In case there is minor damage to the vicinity, we can assure you that we will perform the necessary repairs to bring back whatever needs to be restored. After the process, your yard will be cleared of the stubborn stump and ready for future construction.

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