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Trees are an excellent addition to any property. Having them in your property brings a lot of benefits, not only to the overall aesthetics of your place but also to the value of your home. However, some situations call for the removal of a tree:

  • Disease- A tree infested by a disease can be vulnerable to falling and will wither and die in the long run.
  • Location- A tree located in an area too near a power line or an establishment can pose a danger to you and your property. Trees like these can fall at any time, so it is crucial to have them removed right away. 
  • Landscaping- Some trees need to go if you wish to update the look of your landscape or begin construction for that matter. 

Tree Removal

Lake Tree Service’s primary offering is tree removal. It is one of our most requested services and is among the most dangerous tasks we perform. It requires thoughtful planning and careful execution from start to finish. Some homeowners think of doing the job on their own only to regret it in the end. 

Our team starts the removal process by assessing the tree in question. We will consider every small detail and offer a free firm quote. When evaluating the tree, we take into account the following:

  • Size and species of the tree
  • Accessibility
  • Nearby establishments, such as a house, building, or power line

Once we are done inspecting your tree, we will talk to you about the necessary action needed to be done to resolve the issue. We can also take this time to answer your inquiries about the project. Rest assured that we will leave no room for confusion when we are done discussing the process. 

Our representative will call you to confirm our time of arrival on the day of the tree removal. Allow us a 2-hour time frame as we want to make sure our previous client gets the best service from us. 

When we arrive at your property, we will prepare the site to ensure it is safe to go around while we carry out tree removal. Our team leader will assign tasks to each team member to make sure everyone knows what they need to do. Our primary cutter will start with the topmost portion of the tree going down. We will continue with the process until we are left with only the main trunk. Our ground crew will manage the wood and other debris produced by the tree removal process. Our team will not stop unless you are satisfied with our work. 

You can decide whether to leave the stump behind or have it removed. We recommend having the stump removed because of the many disadvantages leaving it causes. Removing the stump ensures the safety of your family from unwanted pests and tripping accidents, but it also improves the aesthetics of your landscape. We can either unearth the stump or grind it until it’s no longer visible. 

When we are done with the process, you will not see any evidence of the tree removal process as we will make sure the area is free from debris and dirt.

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