Tree Trimming & Pruning

Tree trimming is essential not only for the appearance of a tree but also for its overall health. Overgrown trees need to be trimmed to avoid being a threat to your safety. Some homeowners think trimming can be done without a professional’s help until they realize how complex the task can be. Tree trimming involves science and art, which is why it should be done by someone experienced in the field. Trees that grow to a height that is not deal for keeping should be trimmed to prevent safety issues in the long run. 

Lake Tree Service is well-versed in keeping a tree attractive and healthy through trimming. Whatever the size and type of tree you have in your yard, we can make sure to bring back its old glory with our skilled trimming techniques. Once we are done with the task, you will be surprised at how attractive your tree will become. We are proud of our track record and satisfied customers throughout the years. If you have trees that require trimming, give our team a shot, and we will not let you down.

Our certified arborists adhere to guidelines to ensure the safety and success of the project. We perform each task with the utmost care to ensure we don’t damage the tree. Our ultimate goal is to keep the tree from any disease and preventing it from being susceptible to damages caused by storms and high winds. Also, we see your tree as part of your entire landscape. Therefore, we make sure to carry out the task without leaving any damage to your yard. 

Tree Trimming

Like the rest of our services, we begin our work by evaluating the condition of your tree. Our certified arborist will visit the site and inspect every part of the tree to ensure we leave no detail unattended. We will then offer a free quote based on our assessment and discuss your questions and concerns regarding the task. You can also take this time to make any request regarding the tree trimming process. We will make sure to accommodate your request without causing trouble for your tree. Our professional arborist will carry out the task, carefully consider your instruction, and remove the right number of branches to keep your tree healthy and safe. Our mission is not done until we see that your tree is back to its former state. 

Tree Pruning

We also perform tree pruning, which is a more subtle form of trimming. Pruning entails getting rid of small branches to improve fruit production and enhance appearance. It also involves eliminating water shoots that can affect the health of a tree in the long run. We will prune your tree with a goal to improve its appearance and to maintain its overall welfare. If you have shrubs and hedges that need pruning, we can also take care of them while on the process.

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